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Luna Lemon Creative
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    Edmonton Alberta, Canada
    T5E 3B5
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    I'm a graphic designer and fabric artist who is raising three young men. I'm always dreaming and thinking about fabric, sewing, designing and creating useful and/or fun things for other people to enjoy.

    Sewing is my therapy!

    I've been sewing since I was 11 years old. Partly because my mom thought it was a good skill to learn and partly because sewing was taught in grade 7 home economics class. As I got older, I sewed out of necessity. Being a tall girl in a small village in Northern Alberta made shopping for clothes that fit me difficult. Over the years, I'd sew when I needed to, or when the mood struck me. When I was expecting my first child, I sewed some of my own maternity clothes. When my twins were small, I sewed to have time to myself, and because sewing pyjama pants for three growing boys was more affordable than buying them.

    Now I sew to have time to think, to solve problems, to relax, and for enjoyment. I like sewing with bright colours and fun prints. I want to help others meet needs or solve problems they may have and I enjoy seeing my sewing being appreciated and used by others.
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